Microsoft is no longer sell the Surface Pro Core i5 with 4GB of RAM from its Store

Since Microsoft just make a new available of the new configuration with bigger RAM option, now Microsoft drops its old configuration with Intel Core i5 and 4GB of RAM from its store.

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) - 001

Microsoft has recently made available a new Surface Pro configuration with Intel Core i5, 128GB of SSD, and 8GB of RAM with the same price as the current entry-level Core i5 model with only 4GB of RAM. While it doesn’t make sense to keep different specs with the same price, now Microsoft has removed the entry-level model of Core i5 with 4GB from the list.

Now if you head over the Surface Pro (newest version) page on Microsoft Store, you will not see the Intel Core i5, 128GB SDD, 4GB available in the configuration selection box anymore.

Surface Pro (newest version) - Intel Core i5 / 128GB SSD / 8GB RAM

As the 8GB seems to be a perfect amount of RAM for better performance when running multiple tasks in 2018. We hope this bump in the amount of RAM while keeping the same price will spread out soon to other Surface models as well in near future.

Via: Neowin