Tabbed Shell could be my favorite update for Windows 10

A cool new feature that Microsoft might be working on is to bring multiple tabs experience to all Windows UWP apps and Win32 programs.

Tabbing Experience on Microsoft Edge Windows 10

Talking about multitasking, if you love browsing the web like me, you might notice that having multiple opened tabs is better having multiple opened windows. Since the tabbing web browser allows us easy to browsing multiple websites without switch back and forth. In addition, if we looked back in 2006, Microsoft has started implementing the tabbed experience since the release of Internet Explorer 7.

Recently, according to a new report from Windows Central, the “Tabbed Shell” might be a new feature that Microsoft is working on for the future release.

Per our sources, Tabbed Shell is a feature being worked on at an OS level, and doesn’t require work from app developers to take advantage of it. By default, Tabbed Shell works with any app window, whether it be Photoshop, File Explorer, or Microsoft Word. Any UWP, Win32 or Centennial app will work. Much like in Edge, you’ll find a tabbed interface at the top of a window where you can switch between instances of the same app.

The report also points out that when the feature release, all compatible apps will adapt UI to the new tabbing experience without changing any code. However, if developers want to optimize their apps for the tabbed experience they can also implement the API provided by Microsoft.

For me, this is a sweet feature I looking for especially for UWP apps like Settings, Store and more. Since those apps can’t even open in multiple windows, so the tabbed experience on those apps will be a great solution.