Microsoft officially announce its major media event for May 2

Microsft officially announced its big media event, coming on May 2nd in New York. Find out what Microsoft is expected to announce at the event.

Microsoft May Event #MicrosoftEDU

Microsoft just recently sent out invitations to all major medias about their major media event. This big event will be held in the New York city, on May, 2nd. For those who looking forward to seeing the next generation of our 1.5 years old Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, you will not see that on the event. Instead, you will see a new kind of Surface devices that will help Microsoft to dominate the education market.

Here is what Microsoft sent out:

Learn what's next #MicrosoftEDU

This is an another milestone for Microsoft after the Creators Update event last year. Despite unveiling new hardware, Microsoft will also tease new Windows 10 features that benefit for students, teachers, and school. In addition, Windows 10 Cloud is a major feature that we about to see in the event. The new Surface devices are expected to operate with Windows 10 Cloud.

The new Surface devices are expected to operate with Windows 10 Cloud. Microsoft will target those devices to compete with Google Chromebooks that currently widely used by the most education sector. We will wait to see how new hardware and Windows 10 Cloud perform together for this war.

Microsoft May Event will be live streamed on the Microsoft May Event page. The stream will begin on Tuesday, May 2nd at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time (6:30 a.m. Pacific).