The new Surface Pro gets a new firmware update to improve pen and touch performance [August 8, 2018]

Microsoft Surface Pro Update

After recent huge firmware updates to the new Surface Pro, yesterday, Microsoft has released another firmware update to the devices again with some significant improvements. To be specific, the firmware updates will improve device security, stability, and improve pen and touch performance.

The newest firmware should be showing up now in Windows Update, and it bumps up the version numbers of Surface UEFI, Touch, and Wifi adapter.

Windows Update History NameDevice Manager Name
Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. – Bluetooth – 15.68.9125.57Marvell AVASTAR Bluetooth Radio Adapter – Bluetooth

  • 15.68.9125.57 improves system security.
Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. – Net – 15.68.9125.57Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller – Network adapters

  • 15.68.9125.57 improves system security.
Surface – System – Integration Service Device – System devices

  • improves system stability.
Surface – System – Touch Servicing ML – System devices

  • improves pen and touch performance.
Surface – Firmware – 429.0.1.10Surface Touch – Firmware

  • 429.0.1.10 improves pen and touch performance.
Surface – Firmware – 234.2291.769.0Surface UEFI – Firmware

  • 234.2291.769.0 improves driver installation servicing.

In addition, Microsoft also provides more information about overall device attribute benefits from this update as below:

Value IndicatorScore
Battery LifeNA