Surface USB-C dongle finally hit commercial market on June 29th for $79.99

Microsoft finally launches its long-awaited Surface USB-C dongle for business customers starting this June 29th for $79.99.

Surface USB-C Dongle

Microsoft teased its Surface USB-C dongle back when they first launched its Surface Laptop and new Surface Pro last year. Now the wait is almost over as Microsoft has confirmed with The Verge that the Surface USB-C dongle is coming to commercial customers starting June 29 for $79.99.

The dongle will basically convert your Surface Connect (charging port) to a USB-C port to Surface devices with no USB-C port. It will allow you to attach your Surface to a standard USB-C docking solution to expand your Surface connectivity including charging capability. However, you will need an external power source with a minimum power output of 27W and 12V.

Initially, this dongle will support the newest Surface Pro (models 1796 and 1807) and Surface Laptop (Model 1769) running Windows 10 version 1703 and above.

Source: Microsoft