Microsoft Surface Go

New Surface Go is perfect for all your daily tasks, giving you laptop performance, tablet portability, and a stunning touchscreen with the power of Windows 10.

Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go Press Release

We started by looking at the world we live in. It’s filled with spectrums and different perspectives. We see this rich diversity through the different roles we play in our lives. You are a parent, sister, brother, friend, employee, athlete, artist, etc. There are some people who believe you must stay in one place, but we believe in celebrating all these roles by embracing the word AND.

You can be a parent AND an entrepreneurial titan. You can be a student AND a social justice warrior. You shouldn’t have to make binary choices that force unnecessary compromise. Surface believes in empowering users to be the most productive in their personal AND professional lives. We are thrilled to introduce our newest, smallest and lightest Surface yet — Surface Go.

Packing a punch in 1.15 pounds and a 10-inch PixelSense Display, Surface Go moves with you throughout your day — from the road to your couch. A device that is small AND strong. That can run desktop apps like Office AND casual apps like Spotify and Netflix. You can work the way you want with ink AND touch AND a trackpad. It’s the premium qualities that Surface is known for AND our most accessible price yet.

With Surface Go, we made the device smaller while remaining true to what makes Surface unique: versatility, design and performance.

Surface Go is the best of Microsoft with the Windows you know and love, and the iconic Surface design with no compromise in premium quality. It’s your notebook for imagination, your best friend on the plane and your family’s trusted confidant. We love this device and hope you do too.