How to Enable and Use the Clipboard History on Windows 10

In this article, we will walk you through how to enable, use, and disable the clipboard history feature in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Clipboard History Feature

A clipboard is an essential feature that can not be missed in every operating system. However, in Windows 10 with October 2018 update, this feature becomes even more useful with the ability to remember all your copied entries, so you don’t have to re-copy the same content ever again.

It can store your copied text and image up to 4MB for every single entry and up to 25 entries. On top of that, the new clipboard also allows you to pin the entry that you want to keep even after the computer is restarted.

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How to Enable Clipboard History on Windows 10

For privacy reasons, Microsoft decided not to enable this feature by default. To enable the Clipboard History on Windows 10:

  1. Open Windows Settings
    First, you need to access Windows Settings by going to Start and click the Gear icon (or by using Win + I short key).
    Windows 10 > Open Settings App
  2. Click on “System”
    WIndows 10 > Settings App > System
  3. Click on “Clipboard”
    On the sidebar of the Settings, click the Clipboard.
  4. Toggle the “Clipboard history” switch to “On”
    How to Enable Windows Clipboard History

Now the Clipboard History feature is enabled. From now on, every text or image content you copy will be store in Clipboard history for up to 25 items.

How to Use Clipboard History in Windows 10

Here are some essential usages of Clipboard history:

  • How to Save Item to Clipboard History
    Simply press “Ctrl + C” as you did to copy/paste any item. It will be saved to clipboard history automatically.
  • How to View Clipboard History
    To view clipboard history in Windows 10, press the “Windows + V” key in any programs you’re working on.Windows Clipboard History
  • How to Paste an Item from Clipboard History
    To paste a text or image from clipboard history to your current document, open the clipboard history and click on any item you want to paste.Windows Clipboard History > Paste an Item
  • How to Pin an Item in Clipboard History
    For privacy reasons, all items stored in Clipboard History will be cleared when you restart your computer except the pinned items. To pin an item, open the Clipboard history > click on the item menu “…” > click on the “Pin” menu.
    Windows Clipboard History > Pin Item

How to Disable Clipboard History in Windows 10

To disable Clipboard History in Windows 10, Go back to Settings > System > Clipboard. Under the “Clipboard history”, toggle the switch to “Off”

How to Disable Windows Clipboard History
All items in Clipboard history will be cleared when you turn off the feature.

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