What ports are on a Surface Pro 9 5G?

In this post we will list down all the ports that the 2022 Surface Pro 9 5G has.

Surface Pro 9 5G Image

Surface Pro 9 5G Ports

Question 1:
What ports are on the Surface Pro 9 5G (2022)?

There are a total number of six ports and slots available on Surface Pro 9 5G. That includes two Thunderbolt 4 ports, a Surface Connect, a Surface Type Cover, a nanoSIM card slot, and an SSD slot. For further information, check the port details below.

Left (2)
  • 2 x Thunderbolt 4
    40 Gpbs, USB 4.0 (40 Gbps), DisplayPort, Power Delivery
Right (1)
  • 1 x Surface Connect
    Charging, Docking
Bottom (1)
  • 1 x Surface Type Cover
Under Kickstand (2)
  • 1 x nanoSIM card slot
  • 1 x SSD slot
    M.2 2230 NVMe slot

For more information, check out the Surface Pro 9 5G specifications here.

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Question 2:
Does Surface Pro 9 5G have a built-in SD card reader slot?

An SD (Secure Digital) card slot is an expansion slot that allows you to read and write data from and to an SD card. Both slot and card are available in three varied sizes, full-size SD, Mini SD, and MicroSD. The slot can be essential if you are a content creator who frequently gets photos and videos from digital camera memory cards.

Unfortunately, there is no SD card slot available on Surface Pro 9 5G.

To help you identify which type of SD card is compatible with your laptop, this is the size comparison between the full-size SD, miniSD, and microSD cards. Just so you know, the microSD, most of the time, comes with an SD adapter, which means you can use it on any smartphone, tablet, digital camera, or laptop as long as they have an SD, miniSD, or microSD slot.

Size comparison between SD, MiniSD, and MicroSD
Question 3:
Does HDMI port available on Surface Pro 9 5G?
HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface is an essential connector for transferring high-quality digital video and audio from one device to another. It is a popular video interface used in projectors, TVs, and monitors as a video input or HDMI-in. For HDMI-out, it is frequently available on a laptop, desktop, or game console.

Unfortunately, there is no HDMI port available on Surface Pro 9 5G.


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