What is the display size, resolution, and tech on Alienware X17 R1?

In this post we will list down more information about display size, resolution, and other display technology that used on the 2021 Alienware X17 R1.

Alienware X17 R1 picture
What is the display size, resolution, and tech of the Alienware X17 R1 (2021)?

The 2021 Alienware X17 R1 has the following display information:

Alienware X17 R1 Display Size
17.3 Inches

Alienware X17 R1 Display Detail
  • 17.3” FHD with 165Hz
    1920 x 1080127 PPIComfortView Plus3ms response time300 nits16:9100% sRGB1000:1Anti-glareWVA7.2 W
  • 17.3” FHD with 360Hz
    1920 x 1080127 PPIComfortView PlusNVIDIA G-SyncAdvanced Optimus1ms response time300 nits16:9100% sRGB800:1Anti-glareWVA8.4 W
  • 17.3” UHD with 120Hz
    3840 x 2160255 PPIComfortView Plus4ms response time500 nits16:9100% Adobe RGB1200:1Anti-glareWVA12.2 W

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