All Microsoft accounts now can use phone sign-in support in Microsoft Authenticator app

Microsoft now make phone sign-in support to all users via Microsoft​ Authenticator app available on Android and iOS.

Microsoft recently just announced it’s new sign-in feature for the Microsoft Authenticator app. The app firstly is being used for only account verification after you signing-in with your email and password. However, Microsoft has recently added the the phone sign-in feature to the app but only a subset of users that can that feature. Now, Microsoft made this feature available to every users.
This feature will simplify the sign-in process and faster than the usual two step verification. After you added your account to the app, whenever you sign-in to the same account, despite needing a password, you only need to choose to “Approve” or “Deny” via the app.

This feature is currently available only on Android and iOS. If you don’t have this app yet, you can go to the link below to download the app.

[appbox appstore 983156458]

[appbox googleplay]